The Crucible

the crucible act one

few question in act 1

how was Thomas Putnam antagonized by minister Burroughs?

what is several reasons why the Putnam's resented the nurses?

explain the conflict between proctor and reverend parris ?

I need to know this fast!!

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One of the wealthiest landowners in Salem, Thomas Putnam is a vindictive, bitter man who holds longstanding grudges against many of the citizens of Salem, including the Nurse family for blocking the appointment of his brother-in-law to the position of minister. Putnam pushes his daughter to charge witchcraft against George Jacobs, for if he is executed, his land will be open for Putnam to purchase.

John Proctor is well regarded in the town. Although he has lapses in judgment (his tryst with Abigail), Proctor sees what is happening in the town. John is content with his plot of land and fiercely private. Rev. Parris exists on rumors and innuendo. He is a greedy little man. He covets what is not his (firewood/ title to his house) and serves only to protect his interests. John Proctor calls him on this many times in the play. When the hysteria breaks out, Parris would rather have a scapegoat and be done with the whole business. Witchcraft in his town reflects badly on him. Of course Proctor's wife Elizabeth is "named" which adds further conflict between the two men.