The Crucible

The crucible act 2 scene 1&2

1) what action has the court taken?

2) what will happen if the accused do not confess?

3) how was Mary's personality changed since her involvement in the court?

Scene 2:

1)where does this scene take place?

2)what does Mary warren give Elizabeth? Why?

3)what is Elizabeth's reaction to the gift?

4)how many people have now been arrested?

5)what will happen to those who do not confess?

6)who has confessed?

7)what would spare Sara good from hanging?

8)what shocking news does Mary offer regarding Elizabeth?

9)what cause does Elizabeth immediately suspect?

10) now that Elizabeth is accused, why doesn't john go immediately to the court to clear her?

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There are far too many questions here for a short answer forum. I will answer the first three here. Please post the others no more than three to a box.

1) Mary reports that thirty-nine people are arrested, and Goody Osburn will hang, but not Sarah Good because she confessed. Mary Warren claims that Goody Osburn sent her spirit out in court to choke them, and often mumbles whenever others turn her away when she begs. Proctor demands proof that Goody Osburn is a witch, and forbids Mary Warren to go to court. Mary says that it is amazing that Proctor does not realize the importance of her work, and insists that she is a court official. Incensed, Proctor threatens her with a whip.

Mary reveals that she saved Elizabeth's life today, for Elizabeth was accused in court.

2) Those who do not confess will be hung.

3) Mary is taken with her new position as a court official. She now finds herself in what she believes to be a pace of importance.