The Crucible

The Crucible;

So I'm supposed to write an essay in class Wednesday, and the teacher is letting us use this graphic organizer that she gave us.

What we're supposed to write about is 1 character and discuss how he/she exhibits power and/or authority throughout the text. I decided to write about Abigail.

On the graphic organizer, there are three columns. One with "Power or Authority," second one with "Example from text with page number," and another with "Make the connection" (Explain how text supports idea of power or authority. Since, I don't have the book with me, I'll need your help.

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Sorry............... I don't have the book handy myself. You might want to begin by going through gradesaver's summary and choosing specific chapters and scenes where Abigail is demonstrating this type of behavior. One would be in her influence and threats upon and against the girls, the other might be the scene where she sees John Proctor toward the beginning of the novel and speaks with him alone, and the other might be her influence and power within the household. Lat's face it..... the Rev. doesn't want people to know what she's been up to.

Afterwards, you might want to pull up the etext and find quotes to go with it.