The Crucible

Quotes from abagail?

a quote supporting that abagail wants revenge for what elizabeth has done

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My anxiety is so bad I'm physically sick and puking everyday!?


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I have ADHD and Anxiety disorder and I take meds for both. They work but not 100%. My Anxiety is very very VERY BAD! I'm doing many things to treat it but now it's making me physically sick.. Everyday I feel sick at school and i go to the nurse so much everyone's asking me about what's wrong and I never now what to say.. I've puked and had to leave school many times and gym class IS THE WORST! I suck and year people in my gym class cause huge Anxiety and felling physically sick makes it so much worse! We first do 30 sit-ups and 20 push-ups and I do if fine then we run 1/4 of a mile, it's not that much but as a run I puke but nothing comes out of my mouth cuz i'm not actually sick just nervous so I look really weird and get more anxiety from people judges me so then I feel even more sick..I've has to get notes to not be able to run and everything.. I've tried drinking more water and eating better but it makes it WORSE! I don't know what to do i'm failing gym because of this! And I have it in the morning so it's worse! Plz help!! Ps i'm 13 years old (8th grade)