The Crucible

psychology of Abigail Williams in "The crucible"?

understanding Abigail williams through psychiatric approach

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I'm not sure what you mean by "psychiatric approach"? I can give you a character sketch but it is difficult to prove she suffers from a specific mental illness.

Thanx! for response!

Actually i am looking for the reason that why she created the hysteria of witchcraft.

Is there is any relation with murder of her parents that influenced her?

any mental condition?

or any psychic power she had, as she and other girls were getting cold when in the court, pretending that they saw devil?

No, Abigail didn't have any power. She had some security issues for sure but there isn't a lot of textual evidence to claim it was because of her dead parents. Hooking up with a man over twice her age (Proctor) may point to some daddy issues but Abigail was self-serving by nature. THe hysteria she created was all about power and control over other people. She seemed to thrive out of this whole accusatory process; this gave her a sort of power she never felt before. In the end she leaves Salem because, if she didn't, she would have been run out of town. Abigail had caused so much distress that whatever psychological shortcomings she had were about to get worse.

By power, in the first sentence, I meant she didn't have psychic power.