The Crucible

please help me on questions due tomorrow

a. discuss a theme in the crucible

b. how the themes affected lives on characters

c. discuss existence of themes in 21 century

d. discuss how theme relates to modern day socil problems

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A & B.) Reputation is tremendously important theme in the village of Salem; public and private moralities are viewed as one and the same. Fear of the loss of reputation takes on many forms in the novel. There's guilt by association, public reputation (loss of good name), and the desire to protect reputations at all costs.

Parris fears that Abigail’s actions combined with the hints of witchcraft that surround his daughter’s coma, will threaten his reputation and mean the end of his preaching. John Proctor has the ammunition and opportunity to stop the proceedings before they begin, but he won't testify because it would mean sullying his own reputation. He makes up for this and becomes an unwilling hero in the end when he refuses to attach his good name to lies and come clean about what he worried about in the first place.

“I have given you my soul; leave me my name!” he cries to Danforth in Act IV. By refusing to relinquish his name, he redeems himself for his earlier failure and dies with integrity.

Reputation doesn't seen to be much of an issue in the 21st Century. Bad behavior is applauded and provides massive media coverage for the famous, and social networking has given everyone else the opportunity to flaunt their misbehaviors as well. Bad behavior doesn't invoke shame, but rather has become a source of pride. I won't go any further here........ my opinions are shining! :-D

The paragraph above also relates to social problems. Why the lack of manners, the sense of 'you owe me,' the lack of pride, honor, and goodness? Why do parents enable their children, even into adulthood to believe that they're entitled rather than expected to achieve? An on and on.......... time to get OFF my soapbox; this was fun.