The Crucible

ow did parris contribute to the death of john proctor

what with quotes if possible contibuted to proctors death

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Rev. Parris always had allot of zeal when it came to nailing John Proctor. Proctor always saw through Parris's pettiness and greed. Parris complains that Proctor has a secret agenda in the court proceedings. Parris goes after Marry Warren to force Proctor to admit to his infidelity with Abigail. This further turns the court against John. At one point, amidst the accusations, he is called "the devil's man" by Marry. John speaks his famous "God is Dead" line which Parris uses against him as more evil evidence. Parris finally makes Proctor choose between lying to save himself or telling the truth and dying. Proctor, perhaps the antithesis of Parris, chooses the truth.