The Crucible

Oh, Abigail, what proper payment for my charity! Now I am undone

what does this mean?

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Rev. Parris has taken Abigail in. Abigail has, however brought nothing but trouble for him. Re. Parris feels that he is about to be undone because of her. She has enticed Tituba into her little "witch dance" in the meadow and brought the witch hunt into the town. As the official "man of God" Parris has much to lose. Much of the play has Rev. Parris running around town trying to cover his "holy behind." Since Abigail set the accusations in motion, Parris thinks Proctor is out to get him. Questions and dispersions are being cast his way about how witchcraft could fester under his holy watch. In this statement Rev. Parris despairingly asks his niece Abigail how she could have betrayed him after all he had done for her.