The Crucible

need some help for lecture

I have to make a lecture about athur millers crucible and i need some help with the question:

"what three characters are responsible for the trials and why?"

it would be so nice if somebody could help me and name those 3 persons!

Thanks a lot

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First, John Proctor, he knows that Abigail is deceitful, and yet he doesn't expose her because he has his own secrets to hide. Second, Abigail; she's evil and will do anything to protect herself, even if it means ruining the lives of others. Third, I'm going to go with Reverend Hale here, he's trying to make a name for himself and witchcraft is his supposed specialty. He has different motives than anyone else. If you don't like Reverend Hale in this position, I'd go with Parris. He seeks social approval and desires power in the community.


The Crucible