The Crucible


I need to find out some good morals to the crucible.

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Well, the general moral that i sense from the crucible is that the truth isnt always the pervading truth. It's the way society perceives as the truth which in this case is Salem, a small solitary and isolated town, grown up to believe such lies as the truth, naive and knowing nothing else but those 'morals'.

The moral of the story is that life is not as "black and white" as the people of Salem believe. Yes, the girls did dance in the woods and try to conjure spirits. But they failed. Still they will be hanged if caught. The parents need to be more reasonable about their daughters' misbehavior. (After all, the whole dance in the woods came about because Mrs. Putnam asked her daughter to question Tituba on the matter of her deceased children.) The girls deserved to be punished, but not hanged. They made up the lie about seeing witches to avoid being hanged. If they were to be punished less severly, they might have come clean and the whole mess would be over.

The moral is that not all sin is created equal. Having lustful thoughts is not as bad as actually committing adultery. Beating a man is not as bad as murdering him.