The Crucible

Monologue - Giles Corey - The Crucible

I need help writing a monologue for the character Giles Corey in the crucible!

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Sure that's good too. I'd talk about his immense guilt over his wife being sentenced for witchcraft. He has a bit of a big mouth, he mentioned in passing that his wife reads "strange" books. Really anything that wasn't the Bible was considered a strange book. He is also really pissed off at Putnam who has consistently used the courts to secure cheap land from people accused of witchcraft. Corey is the sort of guy that would spit in a hangman's face. There is a lot to work with.

You need to consider his personality. Giles is old, crotchety and rather fearless when it comes to his rights. Remember to take the first person point of view. good luck!

Hey Aslan where thank you we have to fill a gap/silence in the play where abouts do you think is a good place to write from and about

Hi, I'd consider the beginning of act 3 when Giles is waiting to tell the court that Thomas Putnam's greed is the reason behind all the lies.

I was thinking at the end of act 3 after he had been sent to the jail until he decides to answer questions. What could I talk about

ok so do you reckon at the beginning rather than the end! what can I talk about though? if I did the end or start of act 3. thank you so much for your help by the way

thank you hahahha would you just like to write it for me ahh you know whats up

Ha, no thanks but I'm sure you'll do fine. Just channel your inner remorseful cranky old man!

Sounds like a monologue you are doing so that stuff isn't too important, it's not an essay. Just use his voice.