The Crucible

Many years later, what was the government's stance regarding the witch trials in Salem? Why is it important?

Not long after the fever died, Parris was voted from office, walked out on the highroad, and was never heard of again. in The legend has it that Abigail turned up later as a prostitute Boston. execution, the government awarded Twenty years after the last and to the families of the compensation to the victims still living, unwilling dead. However, it is evident that some people still were was still to admit their total guilt, and also that the factionalism all, but alive, for some beneficiaries were actually not victims at informers. again, four years after Proctor's death. Elizabeth Proctor married excommunica- In solemn meeting, the congregation rescinded the tions--this in March 1712. But they did so upon orders of the government. The jury, however, wrote a statement praying forgive- ness who had suffered. were left to Certain farms which had belonged to the victims them or live ruin, and for more than a century no one would buy on them. To all intents and purposes, the power of theocracy in Massachu- setts was broken.

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