The Crucible

In act 2 and 3,

What are some verbal ironys, and situation ironys?

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Verbal Irony.....

those who confess are allowed to live.... those who make no confession are sented to death

Abigail professes to love Proctor bit is also solely responsible for his death.

Abigail wants Elizabeth out of the way so she can have her husband. Elizabeth is the only one of the accused to live through the trials..... Abigail ends up running away.

John Proctor declares that his wife would never lie, believing she'd stay true to herself. He never realized that when put to the test she'd defend him..... not wanting him to be shamed by her public acknowledgment of his adultery.

Situational Irony-

Proctor citing nine of the Ten Commandments and forgeting adultery.

The Puritan belief that “children should be seen, not heard,” is contradicted by the girls are “crying out” of witches. These accusations lead to many deaths.

Oh, and what pages are they found on?