The Crucible

identify the OVERALL SETTING (place+time) and the importance of the following settings: - courtroom. and -Outside the jail + Gallows.


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Time of setting- around 1692

Place - Salem, a small town in colonial Massachusetts

Courtroom- where much of the hypocrisy takes place. The courtroom symbolizes the everything that is wrong with these witch hunts. It seeks to legitimize punishment with no grounds.

Jail- Well, it would be a sad place where the innocent languish.

Gallows- Again representing punishment without any truth.

Salem, Mass - 1602

Courtroom - that place where the children speak out against the witches and accuse them

Outside the jail - that point in the play during which John Proctor could save himself before he is taken to the gallows

Gallows - the place where the witches were hanged and which is the last image we see in the play