The Crucible

I need help writing a stage one paragraph on act II in the crucible!!

I am suppose to write a stage one paragraph on act II in the crucible. In the stage one paragraph, i need to write about how a character creates "Tone"(the atmosphere the writer creates in a piece of literature; the writer's attitutde toward the material and/org readers. Ton may be playful, formal, intimate, angry, serious, ironic, outraged, baffled, tender serene, depressed, etc) in Act II. Could someone give me suggestions what to write about, and some quotes with a character creating "Tone" in Act II?


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The most prevalent tone in Act II would be condescension. Elizabeth condescends to John because of his behavior with Abigail. John is condescending toward everyone because of the guilt he carries. Mary acts in a condescending way because of her new position as a court official, and Hale begins his time in the community with the same air of superiority.


The Crucible/ Act II