The Crucible

I need help with the crubile

Well guys, i need your help please. would you be able to help me?

i have to write more or less 350 in the answer of this question.

You are reverend Parris. Betty has come round from her trance, the girls have accused some citizens of witchcraft,and the marshal has been sent for. write your thougts

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I think that it might go something like this:

Oh crap! No, Oh to Beelzebub with this. I really wanted my own house built and now Abby and her group of dancing schoolgirls are wrecking everything. Oh God I know that I'm a little weasel but there has to be someone worse than me that you can punish? Hey, how about John Proctor? I see the way he leers at my niece Abby. Hey, I've leered at her that way too but I bet you anything that they are sinning all over his house. Back to me. If the Marshal comes and sees all the unholy hijinks that has been going on, I may lose my cushy job. Oh what's the use? Are you testing me God? You know like Job or something? That's it, this is a test. All I have to do is wait this out and I'll be rewarded ten fold!