The Crucible

*I need help on a few questions... please?

Hey. So here are a few questions I have to answer for this Crucible packet I have to complete for Eng. class, so if anyone knows at least one of them, I would greatly appreciate it if you replied =)


1) John Proctor seems to be the only voice of reason in the confusing end of Act II. What are some examples to support this idea?

2) Why is Mary Warren afraid of telling the truth about Abigail, for herself and for John?


1) What is the importance of John Proctor's last speech in Act III?

2) Danforth give the premise for judging a witch. Summarize his guidelines.


1) Parris tells Danforth, "You cannot hang this sort". What does he mean?

2) Do you think Elizabeth Proctor would confess if she were in her husband's place? Explain.

*Even though I know the last question is aswered as an opinion, I still would like to know what you think. Thanks so much!

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II 2. Mary is afraid for herself because if she rats on Abigail, Abigail will "turn" Mary into a witch by accusing her too.

i need help with a few questions