The Crucible

How is the Puritan society's belief in superstition first made clear to us ? Quote to support your answer

Referring to Act one

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The following excerpt comes from Act I/ Scene 1, when Goody Putnam says she has seen Betty fly, and that she believes her own daughter has been touched by the devil. The claims terrify Parris who thinks that if the gossips get ahold of these rumors, people in the community will believe them.

"Mrs. Putnam (glancing at Betty): How high did she fly? How high?

Parris: No, no, she never flew --

Mrs. Putnam (very pleased with herself): Why, it's sure she did. Mr. Collins saw her going over Ingersoll's barn, and come down light as a bird, he says!

Parris: Your Ruth is sick?

Mrs. Putnam (with vicious certainty): I'd not call it sick; the Devil's touch is heavier than sick. It's death, y'know, it's death drivin into them, forked and hoofed."


The Crucible