The Crucible

how have proctors feelings toward Abby changed

act 1, scene 2

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In Act One, Scene Two, we learn that John Proctor and Abigail had an affair, an affair that is over for Proctor, but a relationship that Abigail still wishes for. In his discussion with Elizabeth, we come to understand that Proctor wants forgiveness from his wife and doesn't wish to continue the affair.... it's over. Abigail, however, is observed by Elizabeth, who continues to see a threat to her marriage.

PROCTOR: She cannot think it.
ELIZABETH: John, have you ever shown her somewhat of contempt? She cannot pass you in the church but you will blush…
PROCTOR: I may blush for my sin.
ELIZABETH: I think she sees another meaning in that blush.
PROCTOR: And what see you? What you see, Elizabeth.
ELIZABETH: I think you be somewhat ashamed, for I am there, and she so close.

PROCTOR: When will you know me, woman? Were I stone I would have cracked for shame this seven-month!
ELIZABETH: Then go-and tell her she‘s a whore. Whatever promise she may sensebreak it, John, break it.
PROCTOR: Good, then. I‘ll go.


The Crucible