The Crucible

how does the hysteria affect mary warren in the court

the crucible

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Marry is petrified of Abigail who said that anybody who crosses her would meet with a "pointy reckoning". Proctor has brought Mary to court to tell the truth about Abigail's charade. Abigail senses danger and claims that she sees Mary Warren's spirit manifested as a bird, trying to hurt her. Mary Warren sobs that she is merely standing in court, but Abigail continues with the charade. Mary Warren claims that the girls are lying, but after Danforth threatens her and Abigail refuses to stop her charade, Mary submits and accuses Proctor of being the Devil's man. She says that Proctor made her sign the Devil's book and made her try to overthrow the court. Danforth orders Proctor to admit his allegiance with Satan, but Proctor cries out that God is dead, and that a fire is burning because the court is "pulling Heaven down and raising up a whore." Hale denounces the proceedings and quits the court.