The Crucible

How does Proctor use a respectful behavior toward Danforth? during the presentation of evidence

i think in Act 4

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Danforth once again demands that Proctor sign the document implicating him with the Devil. Proctor shows great restraint and poise as he pleads with Danforth one last time. Proctor says that he has confessed to God, and that is enough. He asks Danforth whether a good penitence must be public. Proctor asks how he can teach his children to walk like men when he has sold his friends. Proctor wishes to keep only his name, and Danforth thus refuses to accept his confession. Danforth orders Proctor to be hanged. Hale begs Elizabeth to plead with Proctor to sign a confession, but Elizabeth states that Proctor has his goodness now, and God forbid she take it from him.