The Crucible

How does he act on his beliefs?

Some people believe that indifference to evil is even worse than evil itself. John Proctor would probably agree with this statement. Use examples from the play to support your answer.

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Proctor is a character full of pride and self-loathing. He is a flawed character yet aware that hypocrisy is perhaps the greatest sin. Proctor sees what is happening in Salem. The evil is not in the girls, in witches or the Devil. The evil is in people's petty vendettas against each other and the court which seeks to validate itself through the hysteria of "witchcraft". I think the most poignant moment comes with Proctor's final refusal to be part of this evil. Despite the threat on his life and other innocent people (including his wife) , Proctor refuses to sighn his name validating the evil. He cries, "All I have is my name" as his final refusal to be part of the evil.