The Crucible

how does arthur miller create dramatic tension in the crucible?

the characters

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There is so much dramatic tension in Salem, the town seemed combustible. It wasn't because of witchcraft or young girls running around naked in the forest. The tension came from pent up sexual urges, social yearnings, secrets, lies.....Many of the main characters had something to hide. Abigail Williams slept with her employer (John Proctor) who was a married man. Apparently not such a big deal now but in Salem that was grounds for some major time in Hell. Abigail also likes dancing around naked in the forest with her friends. That is also a major no no. To deflect suspicion they blame others (like Goody Proctor)for being witches and the tension goes on and on. The witch court comes to town. Although the accusations are quite ridiculous the court needs them to validate their existence. The "Pious" are labelled Devil friends while the adulterous and just plain liars are labelled victims. All these factors clash and boil until the final climax of the play.