The Crucible

How does abigail manipulate the court and mary warren once more?

what is the answer?

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As Mary is confessing that the witch story is a scam, Abigail says she hears voices and starts screaming in the court.

Here is how it all goes down if you want it in detail:

Abigail begins to scream at the ceiling. Then she cries out for something she sees to leave.

The other girls join her, Mercy pointing out that “it” is on the beam.

The girls claim to see a yellow bird, and Abigail begins to talk to it as if it is Mary, and Mary wants to tear her face.

Mary protests, but Abigail continues, until Mary begins to plead with the girls to stop.

They mimic whatever she says until Danforth orders Mary to “withdraw your spirit back out of them.”