The Crucible

how are john procter and john hale alike and different

i really need help...

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Both man are in their thirties and both are extemely proud men. Proctor is known to be honest and to point out the dishonesty of others. Before Abigail, proctor respected himself as a person; their affair destroyed that. he feels guilt, sees himself as a hypocrite, and yet he rises above those feelings of self loathing to go public in court and expose Abigail. Some might see him as weak and others as heroic.

Hale's character begins his journey in Salem with totally good intentions. He wants to preserve good and expose evil; he's a bit pompous, but not for long. Hale researches the situation completely. he wants to understand who the players are in this drmam, and how they got themselves into this very precarious situation. Proctor's conviction shakes him to the core, and his reaction to that total injustice leaves him storming out of the courtroom in anger.

Where Proctor ends the story vindicated in his own eyes, Hale ends the story doubting his beliefs and taking on Proctor's guilt for an entirely different reason


The Crucible