The Crucible

help with parris in act 4?

can some tell me the significance of each of these quotes and what they tell you about Parris? thanks

"My niece, sir, my niece - I believe she has vanished....She told me she would stay a night with Mercy Lewis....Mercy told him [Mr. Lewis] she would sleep in my house for a night....I think they be aboard a ship... my strongbox is broke into....Thirty-one pound is gone. I am penniless."

"Andover have thrown out the court, they say, and will have no part of witchcraft. There be a faction here, feeding on that news, and I tell you true, sir, I fear there will be riot here...these people [the accused witches] have great weight yet in the town....Excellency, I would postpone these hangin's for a time."

"Now Mr. Hale's returned, there is hope, I think - for if he bring even one of these to God, that confession surely damns the others in the public eye, and none may doubt more that they are all linked to Hell."

"Tonight, when I open my door to leave my house - a dagger clattered to the ground....There is danger for me."


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#1 Parris isn't concerned about his niece or all the deaths he helped contribute to in Salem. He is not concerned the Abigail manufactured all the lies and that he supported the. Parris only cares that she stole his money.

#2 Parris is trying to whip up trouble. He wants certain people in the village out of the way and will use these trials to do this and bolster his own position in Salem.

#3 People going to Hell brings Parris comfort. Nice guy! He thinks Hale will ferret out the factions in the village that oppose him and link this vendetta to God's revenge.

#4 Towards the end of the play, Parris realizes that the townspeople are sick of the killing and will turn on him.