The Crucible

HELP PLEASE!!! Quotes from The Crucible showing John Proctor s cowardice and and quotes showing his recklessness?

I just need two quotes where John holds back his affair with Abigail/is a coward and two quotes where he is reckless.

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John Proctor is not able to tell all Ten Commandments; the one he misses is Adultery. He does not, at this point, tell the Reverend Hale the truth about his affair with Abigail.

He also goes to the woods and meets Abigail (in one scene which is often taken out of the stage performance). Instead of telling the truth, he warns Abby that we will "rat her out" is she does not drop everything. If he had come forward sooner, he would not have created the "mess" that we have in the end of the story.

John is reckless when he goes to the Judges and tells them that Mary has come to confess that the girls are lying. Mary is far too fragile to stand up to the bullying that Abby leads.