The Crucible

help on my essay due monday

what are 2 examples of Abigail being a coward and 2 examples of John Proctor being couragous????????

i need help please help me

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I suppose this depends on your definition of "coward" and "hero" but here are some general ideas to consider. Abigail was caught dancing around the forest with her friends. When charged with witchcraft, Abigail knew that to share the blame was in her interests. She knew that calling someone else a bigger witch who controlled her plays much better than confessing what really happened. So Abigail calls out Tituba and whoever else is a pretty cowardly act. When discovering that Proctor would "cut off his hand" before he reached for her again, Abigail goes after Proctor's wife Elizabeth. Yes, she calls her a witch.

Although Mr. Proctor precipitated the affair with Abigail he does see truth is truth. He comes clean with his wife. He also tries to expose Abigail for what she is. Perhaps John Proctor's most heroic moment comes when he refuses to sign his name stating that he hangs out with the devil. This would save the life of both he and his wife. Proctor refuses to shouting that "all I have is my name."