The Crucible


what are two examples of abigail being a coward and john proctor being courageous nedd help my essay due tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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me tooooo im doing the exact same essay i need help pleasee someone helpp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i need to know wat chapter abigal is a coward and how and i need to know one example of john proctor being corageous and wat chapter it is in so please help thanks

Abigail is a coward at the beginning when she is too afraid to take her punishment for dancing in the woods. If only she would confess to just dancing and take her whippping, as her friends suggest, the whole thing would be behind them.

John is courageous when he breaks things off with Abigail. He is most courageous when he sacrifices his life for the sake of his good name. He won't let his wife and children live with the shame of his lie.