The Crucible

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1) The desperate attempt by Giles, Proctor, and Francis to save their respective wives exposes the extent to which the trials have become about specific individuals and institutions struggling to maintain power and authority

2) What motivates Parris to try to continue with the trials, although he seems to understand now that it could have all been “pretence”?

3) John Proctor comes to the court for one reason: to save his wife. Somehow, his purpose is changed during ACT 3. Discuss how John Proctor is forced to admit his sin and why it does/does not help him.

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1. Giles Corey refuses to give in to the "here's how it works, pal" mentality. He would rather die an honest man than save his skin by telling a lie. He is in my opinion the most honorable man in the play. He doubtless feels awful about suspecting his wife of witchcraft for innocent actions, and he shows his support by saying only, "More weight."

2. I think Parris is hoping that the ugly truth will eventually come out. He cannot get past Abigail, though.

3. If John doesn't admit his sin, no one will believe that Abigail wants Elizabeth dead. If he tells the truth, people will understand what Abigail is up to. But Elizabeth lies to protect John, and then they are both doomed. Once he admits it and she denies it, whom is the committee to believe?