The Crucible

General Discussion about The Crucible

I was just wondering what people thought about The Crucible in terms of the author's views and values through characters and the narrative and how it can still somewhat relate to us now?

any suggestions would be nice =)

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I loved The Crucible. I thought it was not only a great read but something really interesting to study and think deeper about.

I loved the parallels to society in American in the 1950s. Miller is sooo clever in how he creates the metaphor between Salem and McCarthyism. As a modern history student (where we were studying the cold war) as well as English (where we studied this) it was amazing to discover more about the Cold War.

We were discussing in English how the story of The Crucible is always going to be relevant to society...whether it be the 1950s or now...or even the future. We basically came to the agreement that there is always an "enemy" that we, as a society, always must seek out and destroy. In the 1950s, it was Communism and the Soviets (for America and the Western Powers anyhow) and now it is "the war against terrorism" and such.

That was a bit long..but I hope it was interesting...