The Crucible

Examples of characters being tested

Various ways characters are tested relating to the meaning of crucible: severe test

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John Proctor is tested to tell the truth about being a witch or lying.

Elizabeth Proctor is tested when she is asked whether John is an adulterer.

Mary Warren is tested when she plans to tell the truth in court and then capitulates to Abigail's lies.

Reverend Parris' loyalty to his ministry is tested when he has to make a choice between his own position in society and the lives of people in his congregation.

John Proctor is tested as a man and a husband. He must decide between honesty and pride; his name and his morals.

Deputy Governor Danforth is tested by the process of making a decision that will be responsible for the deaths of 12 different people in his community. Will he sacrifice his sense of right and wrong because he wants to look strong? Or will he take the chance of destroying his reputation by doing the wrong thing.

Lastly, Elizabeth's morals and standards are tested during her questioning by Danforth, who wants her to testify to her reasons for dismissing Abigail.