The Crucible

Describe how a witch-hunt served as an acceptable (or hidden) way to get revenge on an enemy for the people of Salem? In what way does this go against the philosophy of “practicing what you preach?”

I'm reading The Crucible in class and we have to answer a few questions over act one. I read all act one, I just can't figure this question out. Thank you!

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Much of the witch-hunts were really just neighbors settling scores with each other. Putnam coveted Giles's land. Abigail wanted to get back at Elizabeth Proctor. In the end the witch-hunts are used as a free for all for people to get back at each other for trivial matters unrelated to witchcraft. Although the people of Salem professed to practice the Bibles teachings, like "love thy neighbor", they acted in childish and destructive ways against each other.