The Crucible

describe elizabeth's attitude attitudes toward her husband.provide textual support for our view

the crucible act two

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Elizabeth is quit critical of her husband's infidelity. THey don't talk too much about it but it certainly causes her melancholy. Check out this chat they have in Act 2,

PROCTOR: I am only wondering how I may prove what she [Abigail] told me, Elizabeth. If the girl’s a saint now, I think it is not easy to prove she’s fraud, and the town gone so silly. She told it to me in a room alone-I have no proof for it.

ELIZABETH: You were alone with her?

PROCTOR, stubbornly: For a moment alone, aye.

ELIZABETH: Why, then, it is not as you told me.

PROCTOR, his anger rising: For a moment, I say. The others come in soon after.

ELIZABETH, quietly-she has suddenly lost all faith in him: Do as you wish, then. She starts to turn.

PROCTOR: Woman. She turns to him. I'll not have your suspicion any more.

ELIZABETH, a little loftily: I have no –

PROCTOR: I'll not have it!

ELIZABETH: Then let you not earn it.