The Crucible


What can the audience infer from judge Hathorne's questioning of Martha corey at the beginning of Act 3

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What happens during Martha's questioning is a prelude to hysteria. The audience knows the questioning is taking place through the dialogue, but we don't see it. Hawthorne asks martha is she's a witch, and she of course denies it. The appearance of Martha's husband begins the hysteria. He wants his wife exonerated, he comes forth with evidence that he believes will help (against Putnam) and is escorted from the courtroom. The people is court are agitated and loud; Gile's accusations against Putnam only throw fuel on the fire. It is here that Hawthorne will either take control of the hysteria or allow it to expand even further. He takes control. He could hear Giles, but he doesn't. he has him removed and he tells him that his "evidence" CAN be heard if taken through the proper channels. Hawthorne wants to act justly in a very injust, accusatory atmosphere.


The Crucible/ Act III