The Crucible

create a menu project

HELP! ! ! !

I have been assigned the task of creating a restaurant menu based on the characters and themes in The Crucible.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've never seen or hear of anything like this...

Due October 8! ! ! !

Please help! !

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This actually sounds like a fun assignment. The trick is to give her character traits, but make it funny. Dishes could include:

John Proctor grits - True Grits. Plain with no sugar. Good with Elizabeth Peaches and Cream.

Elizabeth Peaches and Cream - Sweet, and honestly good.

Reverand Hale Waffles - first they're one way, then they're another.

Abigail Pudding - An unholy concoction of sugar on the outside and milk jealously combined with a hardening agent that nothing can penetrate. Can actually eat any other menu item alive.

Good luck with the assignment!