The Crucible


What do the stage directions reveal about the motives for the behavior of Thomas Putnam and Parris? Cite specific details in your response.

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From the evidence cited below, we can see that Parris suspects Betty's condition to be the result of something evil, something that he believes has "taken" his daughter away.

Parris, scrambling to his feet in a fury: Out of my sight! She is gone. Out of my - He is overcome with sobs. He clamps his teeth against them and closes the door and leans against it, ex-hausted. Oh, my God! God help me! Quaking with fear, mum-bling to himself through his sobs, he goes to the bed and gently takes Betty’s hand.

Thomas Putnam

A word about Thomas Putnam. He was a man with many grievances, at least one of which appears justified.

His vindictive nature was demonstrated long before the witch-craft began.


The Crucible

What is meant by the description of proctor as a man who “ has come to regard himself as a king of fraud “? Explain , based on details in this act