The Crucible

Can you use these words in a good sentence that relates to the Crucible? And you can tell what it means by the sentence

Indignant, Pious, Slovenly, Placidly, Immaculate, Effrontery

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1. Proctor was indignant at Abigail's accusations towards his wife.

This meaning Proctor thought Abigail to be unfair and cruel by accusing Elizabeth of witchcraft.

2. Reverend Parris thought himself to be a pious man.

This meaning Parris thought himself to be holy.

3. Elizabeth placidly goes to her death.

This means she goes peacefully

4. Proctor saw Elizabeth to be immaculate at the end of the play.

This meaning Elizabeth was untainted and pure.

5. Putnam had the effrontery to claim other people's land.

Putnam was insolent and mean spirited.