The Crucible

By the end of Act 1 the girls dancing in the woods (and dabbling in other things they should not have been doing) turned into a litany of people being charged with witchcraft. Who, in your opinion, is most responsible? You may pick up to two people, but y


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If I had to choose two people, I'd have to choose Abigail and Parris. Abigail was the leader of the girl in the woods. The other girls followed her lead, and once they began.... they couldn't seem to stop. Parris, on the other hand, was more worried about his job and status than the lives of the people in his community. He knew exactly what was going on and allowed it to happen. Parris called in Hale and knowingly watched his niece's behavior, supported her accusations, and participated in the manipulation of his neighbors and parrishioners.


The Crucible