The Crucible

At the end of the book, who ends of executed? Who escaped? and who remained alive?

What was the results at the end of the book? It was confusing

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Basically everybody that was accused was hanged including J. Proctor. Abigail lives but ends up fleeing Salem.

who was accused?

yea who was accused? too much people to remember!!

Off hand I can recall,

Rebecca Nurse

Sarah Good

John Proctor

Martha Corey

Giles Corey (crushed to death)

Did Parris die? how about the Putnams?

Neither Reverend Parris nor the Putnams are executed. Parris is exposed for exactly what he is, and Putnam makes an awful lot of money and is able to rid himself of competition.


The Crucible

No Parris didn't die although he really wasn't popular. He found a dagger stuck to his door when this all ends. The Putnams also carry on though. Thomas probably ran out of people to steal land from.

did elizabeth proctor die?

Yes she did.

rebecca nures

giles corey

john proctor

elizabeth proctor


sarah good

and many more


the crucible