The Crucible

As act 3 begins,why does Giles Corey interupt Judge Hathorne?


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All sense of reason has pretty much left Salem. As the court's power grows, so do the accusations and finger pointing of the town's people. Martha Correy is on trial for witchcraft. There is really no evidence other than Martha likes to read books. Proctor, Giles Corey, and Francis Nurse are desperate to show Abigail and the girls as frauds. As Judge Hawthorne questions Martha Corey, Giles interrupts saying that he has "evidence" of his wife's innocence. He had been waiting for three days to present a petition of some 91 names that his wife had never been seen with the devil. It is interesting that he is using a similar argument (only with more weight) as the girls use to condemn his wife. The court, however, will not hear him.