The Crucible

Any ideas on what you think is going to happen in scene 5?

Our teacher asked us to create a scene 5 of the play, Any ideas at all would be wonderful.

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Did you mean like after the play ends?

Yes,What you think happend to Abigail and the rest of the village.But not what is written in the book what you think is going to happen from your understanding of the play.

It's difficult to make things up because we know that by the end of the play Abigail is pretty much humiliated and the village is quite angry with her. Even though people will not admit it, they understand the lies and hysteria that trace back to her. So, I might say she actually left the village. She goes to some city and dies soon after. Abigail has no power over anyone in a city full of non-Puritans. Parris too is humiliated and chased out of the village. Proctor goes insane because of the death of his wife and his other sins. My ending would be pretty bleak but then so is the play.