The Crucible

Act III about the Witch hunts

By Act III, the witch hunts have spun out of control. Who do you feel is mainly responsible for this Danforth nd the other magistrates or Abigail and the other girls?

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Danforth and the magistrates are definitely the main cause for the witch hunts spinning out of control. The magistrates fail to follow court procedures, something that would have stopped the rumors and accusations immediately. They also allowed the spectators in the courtroom to act out. The courtroom itself is out of control; girls feining visions, people yelling at each other, unchecked outbursts, and even the way Danforth led the girls on. Lack of evidence should have ended the trials before they began, and although no one comes forth with concrete proof, the magistrates take the word of teenage girls...... which in turn, leads to the death (executions) of innocent people.


The Crucible