The Crucible

Act 2 Graphic Organizer

At the beginning of the act, Elizabeth says, "The town's gone wild." By the end of the act there was much more truth in that statement than she knew when she said it . The author uses this line as a literary technique to give clues to how much devastation was to come. What is that literary technique, and what events took place overthe course of this act that show "the devil is loose in Salem"?

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The literary technique would be "foreshadowing". Things begin to come a part for the Proctor family. Elizabeth has been named in the court and Abigail is to blame. Good people on Salem are being charged with witchcraft to settle old scores and petty grievances. The town is in chaos with hysteria and paranoia.

Describe the dynamic of john and Elizabeth's relationship


Describe the dynamic of John and Elizabeth’s relationship