The Crucible

abigail and elizabeth compare

can sum1 help mE?!! i need to state the differences between elizabeth and abigail. how are they differnt?

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yea....abigail is a liar and starts the entire witchery thing to save herself and elizabeth has only told one lie in her life...which ironically enough was to save john but ended up leading to him being hung...ummm...really theyre exact opposites with only one thing in common...they both love john...


is a Liar

Likes John

was part of the adultery scheme

Cares only of herself because when John rebuked her she hurt him

Hates Elizabeth

Is not repected until she starts condeming people as witches


Has no children

Goes to church everyday

Was in the Forest


Never lies except once

Likes John

Has John's love

Hates Abigail

Cares about John and her children before herself

Is respected


Has 3 boys

Goes to church only every once in a while

Was not in the forest