The Count of Monte Cristo

What methods does Dante's use to exact revenge against different characters? Were those acts justified? Why or why not?

Its simply to test ones knowlage of the book.

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Fernand- Dantes reveals his military treason. Fernand betrayed his benefactor in Greece, Ali Pasha. He surrendered the Greek city to the Turks, and sold Ali's wife and daughter into slavery. Fernand commits suicide.

Danglars- Loses his fortune as a result of Monte Cristo's mechinations.

Villefort- Monte Cristo ruins Villefort at Calvacanti's trial. Calvacanti reveals that his father, Villefort, buried him as a newborn baby. He was saved by Bertuccio who had been spying on Villefort waiting for an opportunity to seek revenge on him. Villefort had failed to seek out the man who had killed Bertuccio's brother. Villefort is thus ruined. His wife also poisons his daughter, son, and herself. He becomes crazy.

Caderousse- Originally Dantes' neighbor, he is incredibly jealous of Dantes. Caderousse's greed destroys him, for when Dantes returns as Abbe Busoni, Caderousse is given a diamond by the Abbe. Caderousse, however, kills the jeweler who buys the diamond. He also kills his wife. He himself is now incarcerated. A few years later Dantes visits his prison as Lord Wilmore and helps him escape. This is merely part of Dantes' punishment. Caderousse has not changed, he is still the same greedy man. Thus he dies in Monte Cristo's house murdered by his old friend Benedetto. The Count reveals his identity to Caderousse just as he is dying.

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