The Count of Monte Cristo

What are 3 themes of the count of monte cristo and get quotes from the book supporting each?

My asssignment is to write an essay for my 11th-12th grade english class (i'm in 11th) and as far as i know i'm supposed to write about three themes from the count of monte cristo and it is due tomorrow. so this is quite urgent. anyway, to make this easier on the answerer. i have three themes i came up with. i just cant find anything explaining it in the book itself. so here they are:

Revenge, Forgiveness, and Corruption (you can change corruption to get a better one if you choose) all i need are words explaining them and quotes from the book supporting my thesis statement. again, please help me, this is very urgent because this is worth 200 pts. on my grade and is due tomorrow. i cannot afford to fail. help much appreciated. -Zack

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GradeSaver is a good place for this. Please see my link below. It will take you right there.