The Count of Monte Cristo

What are 3 main ideas in chapter 1.

please answer in a simple answer thanks:)

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The protagonist Edmond Dantès is introduced. He is made captain of a ship by the ship's owner Mr. Morrel.

Mr.Morrel first M. converses with Danglars, the ship¹s accountant, who bears nothing but hate for Dantès.

In conversation, Danglars hints at a letter that Dantès may be withholding from M. Morrel. M. Morrel assumes that if such a letter exists, Dantès will give it to him. He does not doubt Dantès' integrity. Dantès turns down Morrel's dinner offer for the evening, however, because he must first see his poor father and his betrothed, Mercedes. The chapter ends with both M. Morrel and Danglars watching Dantès row ashore.