The Count of Monte Cristo

In chapter 8 of the count of monte cristo, why did Mercedes visit Villefort? How does he react? What might have changed the outcome of her visit?

Villefort was the man that had sent Dantes, Mercedes' fiancee to jail.

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I have cited the chapter's only two references to Mercedes below. She visits Villefort in neither. Are you sure you're not looking for a meeting in a different chapter. This is a rather long novel to browse through!

"It seemed to the prisoner that he could distinguish a feminine form on the beach, for it was there Mercedes dwelt. How was it that a presentiment did not warn Mercedes that her lover was within three hundred yards of her?

One light alone was visible; and Dantes saw that it came from Mercedes' chamber. Mercedes was the only one awake in the whole settlement. A loud cry could be heard by her. But pride restrained him and he did not utter it. What would his guards think if they heard him shout like a madman?

He remained silent, his eyes fixed upon the light; the boat went on, but the prisoner thought only of Mercedes."

He later speaks that he wished he could escape to a place where Mercedes and his father could join him.


The Count of Monte Cristo/ Chapter 8