The Count of Monte Cristo

In chapter 16, What does Caderousse Know about the death of Dantes father?

chapter 16

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The greedy Caderousse willingly damns the guilty Danglars and Fernand in order to receive the diamond all for himself. The only person he commends is Morrel, who apparently stood by Dantes and his father. Caderousse reveals that M. Morrel is now on the brink of poverty because many of his ships have unexpectedly sunk. He further tells the Abbe that Danglars has become a rich baron from banking and Fernand has made his fame and fortune in the army. Fernand is now the Count de Morcerf, and he is married to Mercedes, who succumbed to Fernand after eighteen months of waiting and mourning for Dantes. After confessing all this information to the disguised Dantes, Caderousse receives the diamond.